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Pedro Pan of California

Pedro Pan of California reponds to Estela Bravo's documentary.

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Dear Pedro Pan,

The purpose of this web page is to keep in touch with those individuals in California and other states who arrived in the USA through the Pedro Pan exodus from Cuba from 1960-1962.


This web site was created in 2005, and resulted in the first  successful event  to unite the Pedro Panes in California. We continue to be successful in our search for our brothers and sisters through these events.

2015 Pictures an videos

Dear Pedro Pan Family:
Arriving as early as 10:30, well over 300 Pedro Pan, family and friends gathered together to join the Cuban Kids from the 60's Exodus this past Saturday at Hacienda Don Francisco on a warm Southern California afternoon. Surrounded by the purple majesty of the San Gabriel Mountains, this is the magnificent setting for the 10th Anniversary of the Pedro Pan Reunions at the Gaviña Family Ranch.
A splendid afternoon to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and partake in the activities throughout the day, enhanced by the picturesque Southern California setting and the magnanimous hospitality of the Gaviña family.
No to be missed was the varied selection of pastelitos, empanadas, guayaba con queso, and delicious deserts,which complemented the delicious Cuban cuisine prepared by master chef Tony Hernandez and his crew, while enjoying the music by DJ Maku&. Outstanding!
At the beginning, we observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Agustin Prado, our Pedro Pan brother Frank J. Esquivel, Mercedes Kou mother of Pedro Pan Manuel and Jose Kou, Rene Recio husband of Pedro Pan AvelinaRecio, Mario Muxo, Miriam Loret de Mola daughter of Fernando and Miriam Marquet, Jose Gonzalez and Carlos Getinowho passed away in the past year.
Initiating the festivitiesPedro, Jose, and Leonor, as well as three generations of the Gaviña family were on hand to extend their hospitality and a warm welcome on behalf of the extended Gaviña family to everyone in attendance.


Representing the Cuban Kids from the 60's Exodus working group Estela Bueno, Mercedes Fresno, Angelita Rodriguez, and Irene Martinez Ceballos presented the Gaviña family with photo albums as mementos of last year's reunion as well as flower bouquets for the ladies.
At the same time a special presentation was made to Berta Pino who received a small memento in gratitude to her yearly involvement in making our Pedro Pan reunions a huge success.
Afterwards we took a few moments to thank the many local businesses who contribute to the Cuban Kids from the 60's Exodus Pedro Pan reunions every year. Their involvement is one of the reasons our reunions are great success year after year.
This year we were blessed and honored by having 5 Pedro Pan Parents joining us for the festive afternoon. It is always a very special moment when we take the time to publicly thank them for their sacrifice and the special gift of freedom which they gave us.
The tradition of the Cuban Kids Pedro Pan reunion and the highlight of every event are the introductions of the Pedro Pan who are attending our reunion for the first time.
The 42 Pedro Pan in attendance were not just from all over California but from Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Maryland!This included the five Pedro Pan attending for the first time:Camilo Vila, Joel Oropesa, Laly Savoy, Lilia Tanakeyowma from Southern California, as well as Angel Cañete all the way from Plantation Florida. The Pedro Panfamilydrew together to lend support as they introduced themselves to the Pedro Pan family, a part of the healing process when we share our personal experiences as Pedro Pan with our brothers and sisters.


Pedro Pan attending for the first time picture from left to right:

Camilo Vila, Joel Oropesa, Laly Savoy, Lilia Tanakeyowma, Angel Cañete


The closing challenge as always is to get all the Pedro Pan gathered as a group in front the palm tree to take the Pedro Pan group picture. I’m happy to report that once again the Pedro Pan rose to the challenge and the picture taken!

You can also check out the pictures and the video posted on our web site under the September 26, 2016 tab on the left margin of our homepage.
It takes the contribution of many to pull off an event like this. Special thanks to Rosie Montoto, Joanne Pichardo, Felipa Garcia, Leila Acevedo, Arturo Guzman, as well as our erstwhile photographers Manuel Balboa and Elisa Reynolds and the members of the Cuban Kids from the 60s' Exodus working group who came early and stayed late.Also to Manolito, our honorary Pedro Pan, and crew and everyone out there who worked so hard to make this event an unqualified success!
Cuban Kids from the 60s' Exodus would like to thank you for attending our Pedro Pan of Californi acelebration of family and friends. We look forward to seeing all of you at our next event. Do join us. Who knows - you may reconnect with an old friend!
Until we meet again!

Cuban Kids from the 60s Exodus Statement of Purpose


Provide a social setting where Pedro Pan can gather to share our unique life stories with our families and friends.


Locate and welcome other Pedro Pan, providing friendship and a supportive forum.


Demonstrate in action and words our gratitude to the United States for the gift of freedom and opportunity, while celebrating our rich Cuban American heritage.


Honor and remember the love and courage of our parents, remember Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh, and the many others who, with foresight and courage, risked their career and their lives for ours.



Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

Cuban Kids 1960 Exodus

P.O. Box 1433

Redondo Beach, CA 90278